Patients and Family Caregivers

Committed to providing unsurpassed service to the patient

Our driving vision for a number of years has been to bring healthcare close to home. Not just any kind of care would do. We insisted that Total Healthcare Group provide a fast-response, highly skilled team when your health was at stake - and the finest preventative services for your every day needs.

When health seems far away, we're close at hand - ready for everything from heart pains or sprains to x-rays and echocardiograms, all conveniently configured for your best interest. And our special assistance is available to you on subjects from home health to hearty nutrition.

Total Healthcare Group matches families with qualified senior care service providers based on specific individual needs and geographic area. We provide our referral services FREE of charge to the senior community and their families.

Once you submit your information request within hours you will be contacted by a support specialist who will help guide you through the fact-finding or care-finding process and answer any questions you may have such as; rates in your geographic area, hourly minimums and various types of payment options and programs.

We know this can be a confusing and troublesome time, we have conducted research and have talked with thousands of providers with different focuses,we only work with and refer those that meet our very high quality standards. You can feel confident knowing that you are referred only to qualified providers since they are screened prior to joining our networ

We recognize this is an extremely important and personal decision for you and your family. Equally important, you are under NO OBLIGATION to buy anything.

**see attachment assessment survey