About us

Valuable for the Doctor Invaluable for the Patient.

With rising costs of medical care, reports of elder abuse and fraud, and concerns about ongoing customer support, the consumer, more than ever, is demanding better information prior to making a decision to contract and employ a service on behalf of self, spouse, or loved one.

We represent a network of privately owned quality health and elder care related businesses that offer products, resources, and services for the growing populations of senior citizens, the disabled, and the baby-boomers (the adult children of the elderly).

Our services have been developed based on consumer-related survey results and focus group studies. We provide, based on actual consumer requests:

  • Simplification and Coordination. A one-call solution to locate all services that a senior may need, now and in the immediate future
  • Assurances. A method to quickly differentiate the multiple listings of choices.
  • Continuity. The need for a 'point' person that may be called upon as often as needed for additional assistance.
  • Care Management. An affordable program that would continue to follow up with his or her loved ones while using a service.
  • Advocacy. A non-threatening, positive program that, if needed, would advocate for the senior without creating a problem with the service provider.